Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year Boo!!!!


My first post of the new year!!!
whoop whoop!

My first post in a while!!!!
whoop whoop!

and I'm looking forward to a fabulous 2013 and to every fabulous year after that!

Since I left last I went green

for a Star Trek vs Star Wars party...

made a brass elephant for my desk at work

and went back glam

I got my make up done, so I was really feelin myself...

other than that, I  really didn't have much going on...didn't finish any of the projects I wanted to finish and start...
but this year will be different!!!

I am doing everything  I want to do and nothing will hold me back!

one of the most fabulous women I know told me...

this life ain't a dress rehearsal!

so here's to keeping it fab in 2013!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Fab 5

Whoop Whoop its Friday!!!!
Welcome to Fab 5 Fridays...this Friday is dedicated to my passion for learning how to paint with watercolors (still making time to learn how to do this) and decorating. Combine the two and you have watercolor wallpaper! Yayyyy!
Whoop Whoop!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Next week I'll have a better blogging schedule...
I promise!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Randomly E

Hi huns!
sorry no post this week till today... I got none of the DIY projects I planned this weekend done. when I posted last friday I had big plans to get my projects out of the way...but nope...too lazy. I just chilled all weekend, so I'm shooting to get everything in my mind done this weekend.
I got two things on the brain...first, once upon a time second season premiered sunday. if you're thinking i'm a big grown dork for loving a children's show about fairy tales, your right! I love that show! the best part is the evil queen's office, its so damn chic! i know you prob seen her office a million times so here's a million and one
mark lane, set designer and freakin creative genius

next, I can't get malachite off the brain. there's something about malachite that keeps turning me on.


I saw a DIY on how to create the malachite pattern  a while ago... I wish I would've printed because who knows where I saw it. I'll just google it and hopefully it comes up.


Friday, September 28, 2012

The Fab 5

today's fab 5 is just 5 fab random pics I like because my mom just threw me of my game.
she just told me that I'm seriously gaining weight 5 times in one if I don't already know.
so I rolled my eyes, walked away and ate a slice of pizza.
I know she's my mom and has to be honest but not that damn honest.
ugh, we were talking about something  totally different and she stopped mid sentence like it was an urgent today was the 6th and rent was due on the 5th and now we got late fee.
well damn! 
have a great weekend...I guess i'll hit the gym since it was recommended

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lust List

Happy day closer to Friday...thank God!
I am so ready for the weekend, I have so many projects that I have going on my head and no time to do them. I'm dedicating my weekend to at least getting one DIY done and finishing my creating space. This week has been super busy for me and I've been exhausted. Trying to get your life where it needs to be is tiring and my life is no where I want it to I'll keep working on it and blogging!  Today here's a few things I've been lusting over in my's my Lust List
I'm seriously lusting over this green velvet bench from TJ Maxx, wish I owned a house to put it in.
And last, I just decided I want a gallery wall...
and an inspiration pin board over my creating space, this is Erika's from small shop studio
I like both ideas & I want to combine the two. Since I already have a vision board the inspiration pin board will be dedicated to all the things that inspire me to create. Hopefully I can get all this done this weekend!

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