Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lust List

Happy day closer to Friday...thank God!
I am so ready for the weekend, I have so many projects that I have going on my head and no time to do them. I'm dedicating my weekend to at least getting one DIY done and finishing my creating space. This week has been super busy for me and I've been exhausted. Trying to get your life where it needs to be is tiring and my life is no where I want it to I'll keep working on it and blogging!  Today here's a few things I've been lusting over in my's my Lust List
I'm seriously lusting over this green velvet bench from TJ Maxx, wish I owned a house to put it in.
And last, I just decided I want a gallery wall...
and an inspiration pin board over my creating space, this is Erika's from small shop studio
I like both ideas & I want to combine the two. Since I already have a vision board the inspiration pin board will be dedicated to all the things that inspire me to create. Hopefully I can get all this done this weekend!

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