Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Randomly E

Hi huns!
sorry no post this week till today... I got none of the DIY projects I planned this weekend done. when I posted last friday I had big plans to get my projects out of the way...but nope...too lazy. I just chilled all weekend, so I'm shooting to get everything in my mind done this weekend.
I got two things on the brain...first, once upon a time second season premiered sunday. if you're thinking i'm a big grown dork for loving a children's show about fairy tales, your right! I love that show! the best part is the evil queen's office, its so damn chic! i know you prob seen her office a million times so here's a million and one
mark lane, set designer and freakin creative genius

next, I can't get malachite off the brain. there's something about malachite that keeps turning me on.


I saw a DIY on how to create the malachite pattern  a while ago... I wish I would've printed because who knows where I saw it. I'll just google it and hopefully it comes up.


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