Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm back from taking a much needed vacation to the Virgin Islands. The VI is my favorite place on earth! While there I had some time to relax and get my creative juices going again. I started blogging in June but it was kind of hard because my blog didn't look the way I wanted. When you come to Fab Beans I want you have a fabulous mind-blowing experience and with the header I had it was blah experience! So I got my creative juices bubbling and redesigned my blog, I hope you like! It was fun and nerve wrecking at the same time because I didn't know anything about html codes and designing a header but I did it (hi-fiving myself for being the! I know it maybe simple to you all but this shizzle was hard for me! I went to school for biology and we didn't do this lol! So in honor of my new blogging skills and Fab Beans new look I'll give some of my inspirations! Enjoy!

Solange is the coolest person on earth! I love her!

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