Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Leopard print rhinestone rattle

My best friend recently gave me the honor of being the godmother of her daughter and of course me being me I had to come up with a fabulous gift. Whenever any of my sorority sisters become pregnant I tell them if they have of a girl I'm going to get them something made of rhinestones. They all had boys, ugh! My bff had the first girl so whatever I came up with had to be super banging. Lightbulb! I gave her what I think every little girl should have, a leopard print rhinestone rattle!

To my surprise this doesn't exist so I had to create it. I thought I could buy a rattle and cover it with rhinestones, I was WRONG! I didn't know rattles came in every shape but the shape I was looking for. Now I had to put my creativity to the test and build the rattle myself. After standing in Hobby Lobby for hours it hit me.

I used a chrismas ornament, wooden dowel & ball to build it. I filled the inside with metallic gold beads so it can shake. Painted the outside to create a pattern for the rhinestones.

BAM!  A leopard print rhinestone rattle! Since my goddaughter can never play with rattle, I added the rattle to a basket full of baby goodies. This rattle was really for made for my enjoyment!

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