Monday, June 4, 2012

Zebra Print Dresser

My dresser is the project I am the proudest of because it was my first. After I finished it I felt like a true badass!!!
I needed a dresser and refused to pay for one so, I didn't! I was sooo lucky that my aunt wanted to get rid of the old dresser she had and gave it to me for free.

This is the before. We ditched the mirror and she nailed a framed metal plate to fill the space of a missing dresser. My auntie is a creative genius! First I primed and then spray painted it. The top part I used a stencil which was a complete pain! I recommend free-handing it because the paint would bleed through the stencil or not align correctly leaving me to do a lot of touch ups. Stenciling was also very time consuming. A few curse words later, I finally finished stenciling the top of the dresser. For the rest of the dresser I free-handed the zebra stripes which was the best idea I had all day! I spray painted the hardware metalic gold, added a small magnetic earring stud on the metal plate and Wah lah! I have a zebra printed dresser!

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