Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bookcase Revamp

Attempting to get organized I needed a space for my shoes. I have so much stuff that not all my shoes fit in my closet. I would love to have a closet like this

with my shoes looking like this

but since I'm not living that large I had to improvise. I went to Goodwill looking for bookcases. They had tall and small bookcases, I opted for a smaller white one. The smaller one would take up less space in my room and be easier for me to transport given that I am 5'2" and hates carrying anything taller than me. I got it home, cleaned, and painted it. I gave it black spots on the outside with a red backboard on the inside.

Although it only holds 10 pairs of shoes, it gave me some much need space in my closet!
Images 1&2

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